94 22


A Book for My Parents’ Silver Wedding



Born and raised in China, I started my practice by exploring topics about relationships, family, memory and emotions. I found some film negatives of 25 years ago. They recorded my parents’ wedding. I edited those photos into a handmade book named “94 2 2” (Inspired the time stamp on the photo): February 2, 1994, when my parents got married, the firecrackers were hung on the grapevines. People were waiting for the wedding car, inside which sat my parents, the newly married couple. Firecrackers would be crackling and spluttering as one of the most important customs of a Chinese wedding celebration. My mother wore a beautiful, heavy vermeil wool coat and garlands of plastic flowers in her hair. My father, not to be outdone, was in a decent greenish-grey two-piece suit with a very smart embroidered Modena waistcoat. He even got a vintage bouffant hairdo and a mustache. It is quite easy to recognize the place where the wedding has taken place. I used to live in the dormitory of my father’s workplace throughout my whole childhood. The faces appear in the photos are all familiar to me: my grandparents, aunts and uncles… watching them look much younger is just like an accidentally time travel for me. This book is a gift for my parents’ silver wedding. To me, this is the beauty of photography: It will record what has happened while people forget. It is always there, waiting to be discovered again and to retell the story, to those who have never arrived in the past.




第二届影像西湖艺术现场影展 · 中国美院美术馆 · 《94 2 2》